1. Privacy Policy

GreeksOfAustralia (“GreeksOfAus”, “we”, “our”, “us”) is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”). The Act contains numerous principles regarding the protection of your personal information, commonly referred to as the Australian Privacy Principles. At GreeksOfAustralia, we endeavour to uphold these principles to the highest standards and protect your privacy.
This Privacy Policy contains details about:
(a) The personal information that we collect;
(b) How we use this personal information; and
(c) Who the personal information is shared with.

2. Personal Information collected by GreeksOfAustralia

GreeksOfAustralia collects and stores various types of personal information. This may include:
(a) Your name;
(b) Date of Birth;
(c) Current and previous addresses;
(d) Contact details (such as phone numbers and email addresses);
(e) Occupation, qualifications, and other work related details;
(f) Technological information, such as website preferences, your web log, device and connection information;
(g) Driver’s Licence information;
(h) GreeksofAustralia login and password details; and
(i) Banking and Credit Card details (if required).
(together, “Personal Information”)
In instances where you wish to give someone access to your GreeksOfAustralia services, you may be required to provide personal information about that person and advise them that their personal information has been provided to us.

3. Methods of collection

Personal Information is collected by GreeksOfAustralia via various methods. These may include, but are not limited to:
(a) You – information provided to us by you, through our website, application forms, digital applications or via telephone conversation;
(b) Third Parties – information obtained from credit reporting agencies, social media, our related entities, syndication partners or your representatives;
(c) Public sources of information – such as Google or public records;
(d) Any Company that conducts services on behalf of GreeksOfAustralia as contained in Clause ## below.
(e) Our Records – information collected by us when our website (or any other online presence) is visited by you, and the details of pages within our network that you have visit or click on.
(f) Legal Requirements – any information required by law to be collected by GreeksOfAustralia.
The Personal Information collected by us is dependant on the service that you are being provided. Our ability to provide you with the service may be hindered if you do not provide us with the required Personal Information.

4. Use of Personal Information

4.1 How?
GreeksOfAustralia may use the Personal Information collected for any of the following purposes:
(a) To verify the identity of customers and key personnel;
(b) Provide GreeksOfAustralia services and manage the same accordingly;
(c) Provide our services including any directory services and advertising through our website or social media platforms;
(d) Help us to provide maintenance and develop our business infrastructure and systems;
(e) Suggest and market services to you either through GreeksOfAustralia or our related entities;
(f) Conduct credit checks;
(g) Perform analysis and research to improve our services and systems.
In line with the above uses, if you do not wish to receive promotional/marketing information from GreeksOfAustralia, please advise via email (
If you have subscribed to emails or SMS marketing tools, and no longer wish to receive the same, you will need to follow the instructions contained in the email or SMS to stop receiving this information.

4.2 When?
GreeksOfAustralia will only disclose Personal Information to third parties in the course of providing you with our services or as otherwise contained in this Privacy Policy.
GreeksOfAustralia will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the security of your personal information against any other unauthorised disclosures.
Any third party that receives your Personal Information is also subject to confidentiality obligations and GreeksOfAustralia processes, whether they are located in Australia or overseas.
The third parties who receive your Personal Information will be undertaking the following services for GreeksOfAustralia:
(a) Customer relations and enquiries;
(b) Payment Services (billing and debt recovery);
(c) Data and Identity verification;
(d) Advertising services;
(e) Market Research services;
(f) IT support and services;
(g) Mail services;
(h) Website and traffic usage and analysis.

4.3 Who?
In addition to third parties undertaking services on behalf of GreeksOfAustralia, we may also disclose Personal Information to:
(a) As required by law, government, regulatory authorities and other organisations
(b) Any of your agents, authorised respresentatives or adviers (who has authority to receive the same);
(c) Credit report organisations;
(d) Credit providers;
(e) Anti-Fraud agency;
(f) Our related companies – GreeksOfAustralia may share your Personal Information with our related entities in order to assist them with development of their business and to assist in their marketing of services (which you may continue to receive even after we cease supplying services to you). These related entities will be governed by their own privacy policies. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information about our related entities if required;
(g) Our advisers who manage our business and corporate strategies;
(h) Any directory or syndication companies; and
(i) Any other company that GreeksOfAustralia is partnered with from time to time.
Any party that receives your Personal Information is also required to only use, store and disclosure your information in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy, and we endeavour to ensure the same in instances where information may be stored with an overseas organisation.

5. Website, Application, IP address Information

5.1 Cookies
GreeksOfAustralia’ website may use “cookies” or an equivalent to store information received by our websites or applications to store on your browser or device. Such information is used to remember your browsing preferences to improve our ability to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies may also be used to browser profiling purposes so that GreeksOfAustralia may specifically target you with appropriate advertising. Any information collected and stored through these cookies are treated in the same manner as any other Personal Information provided. These cookies are able to be disabled or deleted directly from your internet browser should you desire.

5.2 IP Addresses
Each computer or device has its own unique Internet Protocol Address (“IP Address”). IP Addresses are most commonly used to track any fraudulent activities undertaken on website and to allow us to manage internet usage.
Any data obtained by us in relation to IP Addresses may be given to third parties to be analysed for our own purposes. Whilst this data is not collected to gain information which may identify individuals, there may be instances where information such as an email address is collected. GreeksOfAustralia (and any other third party) will not use this information for any purpose.

5.3 Digital Advertising
The GreeksOfAustralia website utilises digital advertising. GreeksOfAustralia (or our third party company) may collect information about your visits to our site and to other sites made using your device or computer. If you require further information on digital advertising, please visit

5.4 GreeksOfAus Application
GreeksOfAus will only collect and store information provided to us through your download and use of any of our applications in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy.
Personal Information collected through the application may provide details about your location from time to time in order to assist us to provide our services. Such Personal Information can be prevented from being provided to GreeksOfAustralia by turning of “Location Services” feature on your device

6. Credit Reporting Policy

As GreeksOfAustralia is providing credit to you in connection with our services, GreeksOfAustralia will collect ‘credit information’ and ‘credit eligibility information’ as contained in the Act. GreeksofAustralia may engage a third party from time to time to manage our credit systems, and as such will provide them with any necessary Personal Information.

7. Third Party Sites

GreeksOfAustralia’s Privacy Policy does not extend to any third party websites which you may visit by clicking through our website. GreeksOfAustralia does not assume any responsibility for information or content of these websites.

8. Accuracy of Personal Information

GreeksOfAustralia use reasonable endeavours to ensure that any Personal Information collected, used and disclosed is up to date and accurate, however, this is dependant on receiving accurate
information from you. Please ensure that you advise of any errors or out of date Personal Information at your earliest convenience.

9. Accessing your Personal Information and Complaints

If you have concerns that your Personal Information is incorrect or has been collected, used or disclosed in a manner inconsistent with our Privacy Policy or the Act, we request that you contact us immediately to address any concerns so that we may take steps to address the same. We are contactable by email at We will investigate your complaint and insofar as reasonably possible, will respond within thirty (30) days in writing.
If a response is not received in writing within thirty days or you feel that the response does not adequately address the matter, you may have the right to make a complaint to the applicable regulator.
If you require any further information on privacy, please view the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at