How can I create an account?

By clicking on “Register”, you can create your personal account. Fill in the requested fields or just connect directly through your existing Social Network account if you are already using one of our suggested social networks.

How can I list my personal business?

In order for you to list you own business you have to follow a very simple and fast process.
First, create an account, select one of the available plans from the “Plans and Pricing” menu and then fill in the requested information to complete your listing. Submit the information and within 48 hours your listing will be activated.

How can I claim my listing?

If your business is already registered and you would like to claim it, find it on our website and then click “Claim your business”. Following the process, select the plan of your choice, further process your listing if needed and then submit it. Your listing will be activated shortly.

How can I delete my listing?

If you would like to delete your business listing and you already own an account, just log in and click “Delete”. If you do not have an active account, find your listing, click on the exclamation mark sign and send us a request to delete your listing. Our team will process the claim and your listing will be deleted shortly.

Can I edit my listing?

You can revise your business page anytime. Just log in your account and edit the desired fields. If your package gives you permission, you can also add more information.

How can I report a listing?

In case you have spotted false information in a listing, you can report it by contacting us. The team of GreeksOfAus will examine your request and you will receive a response shortly.

Which are the available listing plans?

In order to satisfy the specific needs of each business we have created 2 alternative plans. For examining your options and compare the plans in order for you to choose the one that responds to your professional needs, you can visit the subpage “Plans and Pricing”.

How will I receive my invoice?

With the purchase of each plan your will receive your invoice via email. Alternatively, you can find the invoice in your account anytime.

Can I change my listing plan?

You can upgrade your plan anytime. If your current plan does not respond any longer to your professional needs and you would like to purchase one of the other options, please contact us and we will inform you regarding the process.

I have spotted a double listing.

If a listing is being seen twice on our website, please inform us in order to remove the second one, by email at

I cannot remember my access code

If you have lost your access code just click on the “Lost your password?” option and fill in the form. Soon you will receive a new password via email.

Content Guidelines

  • Inappropriate content: Texts should not contain vulgar language, threats, harassment or any kind of bigotry.
  • Conflicts of interest: All business profiles should follow the principle of objectivity. Personal comments and reviews of your own company must be avoided at all cases. Reviews should always be unbiased.
  • Promotional content: Your business profile page should always be functional and clear to consumers and must not turn into a platform for you to publish any kind of promotional material that may be misleading or irrelevant.
  • Relevance: Your business profile page must be appropriate for the website and address the consumer in a sharp and targeted way. Irrelevant annotations (e.g. political ideologies) are considered as inappropriate.
  • Privacy: Private information (full names, contact details etc.), images and videos of other individuals or companies must not be published without their consent.
  • Intellectual property: The content (text, photos and videos) of your business profile page must be authentic and not copied from other sites or users.


How can I upgrade my listing?

You can upgrade your listing in order to rank higher in search results of your category or in all search results in general in case you have not selected a specific category. Just contact us in order to send you an offer.

How can I advertise through web banner on the GreeksofAus website?

You can advertise through web banner on the main page or the subpage of the search results. Just contact us for an offer.


How do we conduct a search?

You can find a business listing by conducting a search based on a category or by using a key word. You can shortlist the results of your query by defining the location.

I have no results appearing on my search. What am I doing wrong?

-Check if you have selected the correct category
-Check the dictation in case you have used a key-word
-Broaden the geographical area of your search
If you did all the above and still there are no results on your search, then we are sorry to inform you that no relevant registration has been made so far. You can contact us for further assistance. In case you are a business owner you can register here.


What is the purpose of a review?

No one can question the power of words. Reviews have a certain gravity and affect potential customers on their final decisions. Also, customers are willing to share their opinion, positive or negative, with other potential customers.

Is it possible for my business to receive a notification for every new review?

You can receive direct updates in case of a new review if you have claimed your listing through your account. If you have not done it so far, you can claim your listing now.

Does GreeksOfAus screen the reviews?

The team of GreeksOfAus screens the reviews before posting them to ensure that their content is appropriate.

My business has received a negative review, how do I handle it?

We believe that every review is well-intentioned when it is true. In case you have received a negative review we would advise you to answer and present your point of view on the issue.

How can I write a review?

You can write a review and rate a business by filling in the form at the bottom of the business listing. You do not need to register for this procedure. Please follow the guidelines of the review etiquette.
The team of GreeksOfAus will check the content of the review the soonest possible and proceed to posting or rejecting it.
Reviews or ratings cannot be in any case removed upon request of the business owner or the manager of the listing.

Who can view the reviews and ratings of my business listing?

Guests of the website and of each listing can view the reviews and ratings posted by customers.

Which reviews are acceptable?

We accept all positive or negative reviews if they are original and submitted by a person that had a real experience of the service or the product of a listed business.
We prefer reviews and remarks that can be useful to other users-customers. Analytical and documented reviews stand significant chances to become accepted by our team and then posted on the website. In any other case, negative, non-documented reviews will be rejected.

Which reviews are rejected?

Reviews are rejected when:

  • They give the impression of being fake and not based on a real experience of the user.
  • They include inappropriate language, threats and any kind of prejudice.
  • They are based on an experience of a third individual.
  • They include false, misleading, accusatory, offensive, vulgar statements.
  • They are deceitful.
  • They refer to a specific individual, mentioning his full name, contact details and location.
  • They have irrelevant content.
  • They are written by the owner or the employees of the listed business (unless they concern an answer to a review).
  • They are written by a competitor.
  • They do not include any documentation that verifies it is a personal experience and not reproduction of information as perceived by a third party.
  • They are not written in English or Greek.
  • They include information concerning litigations between the reviewer and the business.
  • They refer to denunciations (e.g. food poisoning, injury etc.)

Is it possible for listed businesses to report a review as inappropriate?

If you feel that a review is inappropriate you can report it through the “Review Management” option. The team of GreeksOfAus will examine the content of the review and contact you as soon as possible.